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Established in 2000, Premier Solutions is a full-service executive recruiting firm specializing in restaurant and hospitality management throughout the United States. Premier Solutions' proprietary and highly-personal screening methodology seeks and recruits individuals for executive, operations and support personnel management positions designated for the Quick Service Restaurants (OSR), fast casual, family casual, and fine dining segments of the industry, including hotels, casinos, bars and ente rtainment venues.

At Premier Solutions, our niche recruiting combines experience and protessionalism, with access and talent that's executed to meet both client and candidate's needs, leading to consistent, exceptional and proven results.





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We have a network of potential candidates that possess the skills and qualifications to fit our clients needs.


We consistently receive 5 star reviews for our commitment to service. Check out what our clients have said about us below.


Since the year 2000, we've been serving our clients needs and placing quality candidates in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Bill owns and operates Premier Solutions. Bill and his team are in the Manager Recruiting field and serve clients all across the country. I first met and started doing business with Bill prior to opening my first location in 1993. We have used his company to recruit managers exclusively ever since then.
Over the years Premier Solutions has done an outstanding job of finding us the management talent that we need to be successful. Bill and his team have learned what we are looking for and do a very good job of sending us qualified candidates. When I call them and tell them I need a manger I know that I will be interviewing qualified candidates in short order. reason I have stayed with Bill over the years is that any time a new manager did not certify or left for any reason within the guarantee period he has always made sure that he replaced the manager in a very timely manner, even though I had already paid his fee.
If you needing just one manager or if you are looking for a recruiter to help you with your long term needs I would highly recommend Bill and the team at Premier Solutions.


I will certainly call on you for any other recruiting needs we may have. You are truly great to work with as well. I’ve had experience with 5 different recruiters and I have to say, you have been the easiest to work with. You sent me a good number of quality candidates without sending too many, or sacrificing quality for quantity. Also, I know I can be pretty picky and you were always very understanding and I never got the feeling that you were ever frustrated with me (which has happened in the past). I appreciated your timely follow-up and willingness to help as well. So yes, I will definitely contact you in the future!


Premier Solutions was a wonderful place to work, if I didn’t relocate I would still be working there. I enjoyed helping others and watching the consumers learn.

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