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As a candidate, we understand the level of professionalism, confidentiality and timing needed to assist you with career transition and growth. Our fully-staffed team of recruiting specialists offer top quality job placement resources, as well as current industry opportunities to match your hospitality talent and ever-changing specialized needs.

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Our services are offered to you at no cost. Our clients pay us to find the finest restaurant management professionals nationwide, so there’s no out-of-pocket expenses or fees associated with finding your new favorite job!

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Any employment services that we might provide to you will remain absolutely confidential. From your initial call, to your job placement, we understand your desire for both privacy and disclosure.

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A part of the “Premier Difference” is the personal attention you’ll receive during your employment search. From updating your resume, to the interview process, to salary negotiations, we pride ourselves on the detail and preparation used with every placement. It’s our goal to either find you the perfect job or create the perfect job for you.

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At Premier Solutions, we believe “that success…recognizes success.” So if you know a colleague or referral with at least two years of management experience, send us their contact information, and WHEN they’re successfully placed, we’ll send you $100!

What Our Candidates Are Saying

I applied for a position with Premier Solutions. The very next day I received a phone call from one of the members on their team, Michelle. She very courteously gathered my information and said they would be in touch. Not but a few hours later the president of the company, Bill, called and asked me some more questions. Within two days I had an interview with a company that aligned with my experience. I’m grateful that Premier Solutions helped me secure a career. I would recommend their services to anyone!

Thank you,


Working with mister Bill Franz Was very helpful very informative he d lot of information to offer He was there with me from the first interest until hiring was complete He was very knowledgeable of the company and he spoke highly of everyone. I came in contact with he made this process 10 times easier.


I was in a dead-end job and randomly saw an ad for Premier Solutions, so I sent them my resume. Later that same day, I got a call to schedule an interview with my current job. Just amazing how fast Premier Solutions found me a new job with a great company. Thank you, Premier Solutions, and thank you, Bill Franz!


Throughout my career, I have heard of recruiting firms that would help restaurant management, and I interacted with a few firms but only through emails. But my experience with Bill & Michelle at Premier Solutions was beyond what I could have ever expected. Both consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, unwavering integrity, and a results-driven mindset. They not only helped me, but they also made me believe in my value and my worth. They remained committed to me on a daily basis and also prepared me through every step of the way. Premier Solutions is a results-driven company, and they always kept the end goal in mind. I can’t say enough great things about my experience, and I’m extremely happy with what they did for me. Thank you again Bill and Michelle!!!


Working will Bill Franz had been amazing , he keeps up with you and even if it just a call to say hello and see how you are doing , He is very easy to get ahold of by phone or even text message, Bill works very closely with the company and you , he will always tell you the next step you need to do to make sure your ahead of the game, plus he send you email with tips and what questions they may asked to make sure your ready for your interview,If I am ever in the job market I will use Bill again.. thank you Bill for all you did for me and all help you gave me.


I am humble to say that I couldn’t of done this job search and landing this job with out the experience and well known knowledge of the Premier Solutions Team. Great everyday communication with knowing what is happening every day as you look to get employed! Great job team. Way to stay determined and also helping peoples lives stay on track!


I’m a seasoned professional manager with over 20 years of experience, Bill was very professional and diligent with my search a new employer and I am very pleased with the results and would recommend Bill anytime, THANKS BILL!!!


“Without the scrupulous work of Mr. Bill Franz, I would never have encountered the viciously ambitious, talented executives of this restaurant group. Mr. Franz quickly set up a meeting that would prove to be fruitful for all parties involved, and remained in touch with myself and my employer every step of the way to ensure the whole process was efficient and painless.

Many thanks to Premier Solutions, and their president, Bill Franz.“.


Bill has been very helpful and professional. He knew what questions would be asked and knew a lot about the company I was applying for. He followed up numerous times to check and make sure everything was going well. Would definitely recommend!


I would like to thank Mr. Franz for a quick and friendly hand getting back into the restaurant business. Not only was he able to provide me with a restaurant of my choice that happened to be in my area. But, I also received the salary I was expecting. I would most definitely recommend Bill Franz to anyone looking to get back into the job market.


Thanks so much to Bill and Michelle at Premier Solutions. They helped me secure a Director of Operations position in my area of expertise. Their support and insight made the interviewing process seamless. and provided me with resources to best prepare me for my new position.


In my recent experience searching for suitable positions in the job market, I
was contacted by Premier Solutions, after submitting my interest in one of
their job postings through Bill Franz, recruiter and President of
Premier Solutions, contacted me and worked with me to find the most
fitting position for me.

He listened to my specific needs and was very quick in locating possible
employment options that would be fulfilling in the present and in the
long-term. Because of Bill’s diligence and rapport within the industry I was
seeking employment, I have been offered a position with a great company.

I would highly recommend Bill Franz’s services to anyone who is seeking
employment and especially for those who are already employed, and have
limited time to spare.


My only experience with a recruiter had been with the Army in high school until I met Bill Franz at Premier Solutions. I was very skeptical about them providing a free service to me, and have my back all the way to the end. I almost chose to do it like the old days of hitting the sidewalk and talking myself up to anyone that would listen. Since I was looking for a better paying job than the last one that offered the type of culture in their restaurants that I was accustomed to, I chose to give him a shot. Let him prove me wrong.

What I received was way more than I had imagined. It seems like I gained a friend that had my back all the way till I got the job. He was like a coach and a father all in one. Never giving up and never missing the opportunity to communicate where things were at in the process. With Bill working on it I could rest easier knowing that he was there for me. That’s the best thing about the whole thing, especially if you’ve never had that luxury in the past.

As a result of working with Bill Franz at Premier Solutions I have found a job with a great company that believes in me like I believe in them. The money is better than my last job, but the culture is exactly what I wanted. That’s so important in the restaurant industry. If you are on the fence about using this service hop on off there and call them. They are the real deal, and they have your back all the way till the end. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and call Bill.

Thanks Bill,


My experience working with premier solutions and in particular Bill Franz was amazing! He was very involved in the process of my employment. He gave a good background description of the company before setting up the interview, and he checked in afterwards to see how it went. The results of his efforts were rewarding and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.


I really appreciate all of your assistance through this process, you have been invaluable. I don’t believe that without your guidance I would have achieved my goal as quickly as I did. I definitely appreciated the pre-interview worksheets, I am a researcher and enjoy learning new things to better myself in my career. I will definitely pass your information on to anyone I know who is job searching, I feel you did wonderfully finding just the right fit for both myself and the Restaurant I am going to. Again I greatly appreciate all of the time and effort you put into finding the right place for me.

Thank you so much! AG



I came to you right after I relocated. You helped me get into a job in walking distance that met my salary and with a company I wanted. I appreciate you and all your hard work and for being so understanding and relatable ,and professional. You were very on top of company for answers and very informative to myself personally I would suggest you to anyone in search for a job. Thank you and I’m very grateful.


My perceptions when I was first contacted was skeptical because I had been contacted by “recruiting” services before that did not add up. But after I looked up premier solutions, I saw how real the company was and I was more interested in what they had for offers.

The final solution I was seeking was to obtain a position at the same level or higher. You provide constant update on information which I valued most. I felt that you were very professional and dedicated to your work and that you took pride in it. The results were that I obtained a manager position. I would say if you use this service or are contacted by this service see what the offer is and give it a chance.


I was confident going into using your services, You went above and beyond what you had to do to get me placed, and you got me placed. It was a success.


This was my first time using a professional recruiting service, so I didn’t have any perceptions nor was I reluctant in using Premier Solutions. Phillip reached out to me from my resume posting where I was searching for a GM in Hospitality Industry. I did not know what to expect after relocating to Oklahoma City, but Phillip has integrity, talked about “my” needs, never felt interrogated or discomfort discussing what I was searching for and feel like we became personal friends. I feel awesome was able to locate my dream job and I would tell someone searching for a position in the hospitality industry to call Premier Solutions. Phillip provides results, you tell him what you want and he finds it for you. I was not having any luck on my own and so I changed some things up on my resume that he suggested and had results within a few days. I would recommend Phillip and his team to find amazing results for anyone looking for employment. He was a joy and am forever great full!


I was at the bottom of my rope and without income I was worrying. I needed a career move , I needed to combine my career and still have time for my family. Not only did listen to what I was looking for, but you used those parameters to find me a path that was right for me.
I recommend you every chance I get, I pass your number to complete strangers . You are a miracle worker!
I feel more comfortable and confident in myself and my ability to be a leader. You worked with me to provide the best possible results. I am at a place in my career where I’m looking to advance and move up, you have not only provided me with that but also a home with a great company. I go to work every day loving my career and those I work with! It’s all possible because you took a chance on me!
You’ve got nowhere but up to go and with a champion like Chambless on your side you couldn’t have a better chance of exceeding your own expectations! I am moved beyond words , you’ve have shown both a passion and a dedication that is both rare and exciting. You made my transition painless. Without you in my corner I honestly don’t think I would have made it this far thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world needs more people like you!


I personally wanted to thank you for the wonderful, relaxing service you provided during my job hunting quest. Not only did Ms. Nicole give me a much-needed, relaxing process and feeling of confidence, she followed up with each step of the process through multiple sources and made sure they did the same. You can be assured that I was blessed to have her working on my behalf.

  1. My perceptions were just hopeful to land phone interviews but wasn’t expecting such promptness
  2. My solutions sought were to get to the physical interview process
  3. You were very sincere, warm and personable showing real concern for your client and even went the extra mile holding the employers accountable as well. Made me feel very important
  4. Resulting in a Happy Applicant and concluded job hunt with the salary range and concept of my request!
  5. Definitely will refer services to anyone in the field who is serious about job employment

Thank you Nicole!


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you or your superb job and professional demeanor in helping me to find a great job. It was a thrill to work with you, and it was a pleasant experience all around.



I am very happy with all aspects of the service I received from Premier Solutions, specifically Bill Franz. During my recent job search Bill was able to give me insights into the opportunity that I was interested in and helped facilitate every aspect of the interview process and made sure that I was timely in all of my communication. His follow up was outstanding and he provided encouragement all along the way. I would highly recommend Bill and his organization. I am excited to be starting my new position and beginning a new chapter in my professional life.


I am writing today to give my feedback on the quality of service Nicole Chambless gave to me during the interview process. Nicole was extremely helpful from the initial phone conversation we had and till the end of the process where I received an offer letter. I was impressed at how personable she was and her follow up with myself and the employer was impeccable. Because Nicole was on top of every detail it lowered the pressure on me so I could focus on the interviews. Nicole provided documents with suggestions and bullet points to bring up in conversation. I feel these tips gave me the upper hand over a candidate who wasn’t receiving the service I was.
Lastly, I will recommend Nicole Chambless to all my colleagues and friends who are looking for other opportunities because I know she will help them greatly and give them a better opportunity to get hired. I followed the steps I was given and stayed in touch with Nicole throughout the entire process which again resulted in an offer letter being sent. Nicole went above and beyond and I am truly satisfied with the quality of service and care Mrs. Chambless offered from day 1 till hired. Thanks a million Nicole.



I worked with a few job recruiters in my time and had no luck. So when Mr. Franz contacted me I was a little skeptical, because of my previous encounters with others. Mr. Franz quickly showed me how he cared and how committed he was with finding the perfect fit for me. He asked many questions and gave me direct opinions and also gave me great encouragement. After an interview he would make sure he called me to grab feedback from me and used that towards grabbing feedback from the employer. Mr. Franz is a great man and he found me a career not a job and I am thankful to him . I would definitely recommend him and his company to all my friends and even strangers who are looking for employment.


First of all, I would like to thank you for your services. This was the first time that I have used this type of service in applying for a management position. The process was very rewarding as it seemed like you did most of the work and communication between myself and the employer. I really appreciated how you communicated to me the status of application and when I could be expecting a call from the employer. Very satisfied with the overall experience with your company. I would definitely tell others about my experience.

Thank you


Thank you for all the hard work you displayed in helping me find a Management Position with one of the largest restaurant chains in the industry.

From the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew your company was the best choice for me to find a position and the company that would be the best fit for me.

Thank you for taking me through each and every interview step to ensure I was set up for success. You were excellent in acting as a direct contact between the company and myself, as well as making sure that all interviews fit my schedule. After each of my interviews you called me to let me know what the next step would be, and I appreciated that. I am truly glad I decided to let Premier Solutions be my first choice in seeking a better company to work for.

Anyone who is still on the fence, or trying to decide on whether or not Premier Solutions is the company for you, my advice is to look no further. Bill Franz and his team is the best choice in helping you find a better place to be.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done


When I was first introduced to Premier Solutions, I was a little reluctant. I had worked with a couple recruiters in the past who did not have my best intentions and cared more about filling the position. Upon my first call from Premier Solutions, I can attest they were the complete opposite. Mr. Bill and his colleagues guaranteed they will go over and beyond to meet the needs I requested, and if at any time I believed the position available was not for me, they had no problem finding something else that was a better fit. What I valued most about working with Mr. Bill was his dedication to me. He made it his responsibility to not only find me a job but the job, and I am so thankful. He treated me as if I were his only client and always answered the phone and/or emailed me back, and never stopped working until I was happy. He coached me throughout my process, and even encouraged me along the way when it began to seem a little stressful. With his wonderful expertise and personable attitude, I was able to receive a successful offer in a field that I love so much doing what I love to do! If you are considering services, I highly recommend Mr. Bill and his staff at Premier Solutions. He has definitely given me a new outlook on recruitment and I would not refer anyone to anybody else. He truly made me feel a part of their company and worked with me and for me until I was provided great results.


In the beginning I was unsure about putting myself out there when I was already happy with my current job. I turned down an opportunity due to it not meeting my needs and just a couple of months later they reached out to me again with another position that intrigued me. Through the process of interviewing, Bill was communicating with me each time on the dos and don’ts and to provide feedback afterwards. I felt like his knowledge was very useful and helped guide me through all of the stages. I really liked getting emailed documents on what the company was looking for and the personalization by having conversations about it over the phone. I am so glad that Premier Solutions reached out to me and helped me in taking a great opportunity for my career! I will recommend Premier Solutions to anyone I know that is looking for a career move or change, they truly are professional and do a great job!


I lost my job after 18 years in the restaurant business.  I didn’t know where to turn so I went online and applied to over 50 jobs with no results.  Then I found Premier Solutions and found Dave Ngo and Brian Bruce.  They immediately contacted me after I filled out a short questionnaire.  I wasn’t sure how headhunters worked but they explained it to me very well and now I’m starting my new career in the Restaurant Management field just after a couple weeks of using their services.  Brian Bruce was extremely helpful and was easy to get in contact with, which I highly appreciated.  I had doubts during the process that almost had me taking another career opportunity, but Brian went to bat for me to get it done.  I would highly recommend using his services for your next career choice.


I must say I was very skeptical in the beginning. I had used recruiting services in the past with much disappointment and frustration. I have known Brian Bruce for short period and have nothing but positive things to say. He as well as his team at Premier Solutions Recruiting handled the transition from one company to another with seamless positive results. Brian was great at communicating and insuring of a smooth process of getting set for my next challenge. His advice and tools prepared me to present my experience and skills. I could not be happier with the outcome. Please do not hesitate to contact Brian if you are thinking of a change or just starting out.


Working as a restaurant manager, customer service is everything and your word needs to mean something to the customer so that they’re taken care of and have a great experience. When you are looking for employment as a restaurant manager,  having someone keep their word is huge. In the six weeks it took to get my job with a company that I really love, I have experienced that firsthand. I sent out my resume, did the assessments, had interviews with a couple of different headhunters and individual companies and the only company, Premier Solutions, did what they said they were going to do. I went on interviews and had direct feedback immediately. I was informed of the processes and what the companies comments were after each. I excepted a position after three weeks of working with Premier Solutions.


I would tell them that if they want results to contact Premier Solutions, the entire process was amazing, they prepared me for my interview, gave hints on the do’s an don’ts, that sometimes could cost a job.

I was able to get the job I wanted for a very desirable salary.

I have never used a recruiter before. I applied for a restaurant ad and received an unexpected return phone call. A gentleman named Bill called me back about the job. He informed me that he was not the hiring manager and he would be my liaison between myself and the company I applied for. Having never worked with a recruiter before I was a little hesitant, but decided to give him a shot. Little did I know that was the best decision I ever made. Bill was able to not only get me an interview with the company I applied for, but other companies as well. At no cost to myself I must add! Bill will take away the very stressful side of finding new employment. I would recommend his impeccable services to anyone looking for a position in restaurant management.

Bill Franz is one of the best in the industry no games no jokes and no waste of time. I started working with bill Franz and in as little as 2 days I was interviewed for a very good job he was there for any questions that I had on top of everything. I suggest Bill Franz for any employee or employer. Very good customer service. I have never used a recruiting service in my life but I will not live with out it .. Highly recommend. Thank you.


When I got to work each day there were always fun clients to work with but also difficult clients.

I enjoyed my co-workers and we all worked well together to provide ongoing support to our clients

Many activities for clients including attending community events

The job was good to work on the padre island holiday inn and we worked in demolition or whatever I was needed for at the time of the job. I also ran machinery and did roofing on occasion

Productive and fast paced

Premier Solutions was a wonderful place to work, if I didn’t relocate I would still be working there. I enjoyed helping others and watching the consumers learn.

Fast working environment

I will certainly call on you for any other recruiting needs we may have. You are truly great to work with as well. I’ve had experience with 5 different recruiters and I have to say, you have been the easiest to work with. You sent me a good number of quality candidates without sending too many, or sacrificing quality for quantity. Also, I know I can be pretty picky and you were always very understanding and I never got the feeling that you were ever frustrated with me (which has happened in the past). I appreciated your timely follow-up and willingness to help as well. So yes, I will definitely contact you in the future!


Bill owns and operates Premier Solutions. Bill and his team are in the Manager Recruiting field and serve clients all across the country. I first met and started doing business with Bill prior to opening my first location in 1993. We have used his company to recruit managers exclusively ever since then.
Over the years Premier Solutions has done an outstanding job of finding us the management talent that we need to be successful. Bill and his team have learned what we are looking for and do a very good job of sending us qualified candidates. When I call them and tell them I need a manger I know that I will be interviewing qualified candidates in short order. reason I have stayed with Bill over the years is that any time a new manager did not certify or left for any reason within the guarantee period he has always made sure that he replaced the manager in a very timely manner, even though I had already paid his fee.
If you needing just one manager or if you are looking for a recruiter to help you with your long term needs I would highly recommend Bill and the team at Premier Solutions.